Exclusive Badass Stamp Membership

Wanna be a BadAss crafter just like Dutch designers Marlene van Niekerk and Marieke Blokland? Oooh yeah! With BADASS Stamp Studio Stamps you will create offbeat, bold & cheeky cards, artistic journals and cool scraps. Subscribe now and you will get these exclusive stamps delivered to your door every month!


Each month we release a new 4"x6" Badass stamp set, exclusively designed by Badass Stamp Studio and guest designers - Mixed Media Artists Marieke Blokland & Marlene Meijer - van Niekerk. The stamps are very versatile so you can use them for Artjournaling, Scrapbooking, Memory keeping etc. etc.


What are the benefits of being a Badass Stamp Studio Member?

You get an exclusive stamp delivered to your door EVERY MONTH at a special price. We only make the stamps for our members and only a few extra for people who want to get to know our stamps before having a membership.


What kind of stamps are they?

High Quality Clear Photopolymer Stamps Manufactured in the UK. The stamps can be used with any acryllic block, you will love them!


How much does it cost to be a member of Badass Stamp Studio?

When you sign up the first month, you will be charged the stamps and the shipping rates based on your location. Each month after that your stamps will be shipped to you at the same rates for stamps & shipping. We use the following POSTNL rates. 


For Dutch Memberschip and Holland shipping rates please click here

12 Months membership

Location  Stamps Shipping Total Estimated shipping time

Europe (except Holland)

€ 14.95 €3.99 €18.94 3-10 business days

USA - Canada - AUS - NZ

€ 14.95 €3.99 €18.94 5-12 business days

6 Months membership

Location  Stamps Shipping Total Estimated shipping time

Europe (except Holland)

€ 16.95 €3.99 €20.94 3-10 business days

USA - Canada -AUS - NZ

€ 16.95 €3.99 €20.94 5-12 business days

Yes I want to be a Badass member!

Make your choice and subscribe now!

Is there a membership commitment?

Yes. You will automatically receive your very own BADASS Stamps each month for the time you choose to be a member.  After that it will be recurring and you may cancel at anytime. If you cancel during your first membership commitment there is a €15 penalty fee for a 6 month subscription and a €25 penalty fee for the 12 month subscription.


Of course we hate to see you go but if you really want to end your membership please contact us before the 15th of the month.